Thursday, June 16, 2011

No More Cheese Cutting at New York State Farmers' Markets

For those who buy cheese from farmers' markets in New York State, I just heard some bad news from my friends at Bobolink Dairy, who make extraordinary cheeses using milk from grass-fed cows free of hormones and antibiotics:
"After nine problem-free years, the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets has suddenly decreed that cheeses can no longer be cut and wrapped at farmer's market stands in New York State. This means that you will no longer have the opportunity to admire our lovely cheeses in their entirety, or show us where to cut your perfect wedge.

"The good news is that we can still let you sample the cheeses, so you'll get to try before you buy. You may have to take a slice that is slightly smaller or larger than you had hoped for, but after nine years, we're pretty good at guessing how much of what size to cut!

"It's annoying to have to have to change our procedures, after such a long run of what most of you would consider a very professional and successful sanitation program, but we have no choice but to comply with the law.

"We plan to have photos of our farm and animals on display where the cheeses used to be, as the cheeses will now be secreted away in paper wrappers inside coolers!"
This is so heavy-handed and misguided, and will negatively impact both consumers and cheese makers. More on this tomorrow after I cool down a little.

But . . . speaking of cool(ers), I've never once put cheese I've bought from a farmers' market (except for feta and soft goat) in the refrigerator at home. Ugggh!

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Marcia said...

please explain more about not refrigerating cheese. I always stick mine in the fridge, but I guess I never wondered why!