Monday, June 6, 2011

A Quick and Easy Lunch (aka Cooking Is Easy)

Home cooked meals don't have to be elaborate, slaved-over productions.

Pictured is a simple lunch I made the other day; it took less than 10 minutes to prepare and did not require a degree from cooking school.

Radish? Wash and cut.

Greens for salad? Wash and tear into smaller pieces.

Asparagus? Cook in toaster oven at 350 until just soft (about four minutes).

Scrambled eggs with spinach? Heat butter in pan, add lightly beaten eggs, let sit for one minute, when eggs start to set, scramble with fork, cook until 75 percent done, turn off heat, add spinach, mix so spinach cooks from heat of eggs, add salt and pepper.

Bread (not shown)? Slice.

Cheese (not shown)? Cut wedge.

1 comment:

Oni said...

I had this as a filling snack on Saturday.

Just two boiled eggs with parsley and kale. And I like a bit of salt on the eggs. Might give asparagus a try though, never had it before.