Monday, July 2, 2012

Natural Personal Health Care Products Multiply

The number of better food products free of hormones, antibiotics, artificial colors, refined sugars, preservatives and a seemingly endless list of additives continues to grow. Now, the same is happening with personal health care products.

Several years ago I wrote a post about toothpaste and the only alternative brand that was widely available then was Tom's of Maine (owned by Colgate-Palmolive since 2006). However, the choices have since multiplied and newer brands often go further in avoiding ingredients that many people wish not to use.

After almost two decades of using Tom's toothpaste, I recently switched to Nature's Gate natural toothpaste, which is fluoride free, paraben free and does not contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. And, of course, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners are used.

These toothpastes cost a little more, but coupons are generally easy to find. Personally, I think the extra cost is worth it.


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