Friday, July 20, 2012

Chemical Companies Trying to Game System (Shocker!)

The latest action alert from Pesticide Action Network (PAN), dealing with aspects of the Farm Bill (how our country eats, decided on by our elected politicians every five years) that won't make the evening news. Bottom line, more nonsense concerning genetically engineered (GE) crops is close to being pushed down our throats (literally and figuratively) and we must let our Congressmen know that we don't like it:
"Several worrisome pro-industry riders, buried deep in the version of the Farm Bill now working its way through the House, would fast-track approval of genetically engineered crops. We need to stop them.

"With 9 new GE crops pending approval — including Dow’s 2,4-D corn and Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready canola — the Big 6 pesticide corporations are hoping to quietly slip these damaging riders through, paving the way for expedited approval of their current and future GE products.

"Don't allow GE crops to be fast-tracked. As the Farm Bill moves towards a vote on the House floor, urge your Representative to reject the proposed biotech riders that would bypass scientific review and undermine oversight of GE crops.

"Farmers across the country are already dealing with the fallout from pesticide-resistant crops, including superweeds resulting from Monsanto's RoundUp Ready product line. The strategy of stacking seeds with herbicide-resistant traits is fast falling apart.

"But instead of abandoning a losing strategy, the pesticide/biotech industry is trying hard to get us all running faster on the same broken pesticide treadmill. The riders attached to the House Farm Bill would eliminate safeguards for farmers while allowing the Big 6 to push through even more GE crops, driving up pesticide use alongside their profit margin.

"Protect farmers & communities. With more herbicide-resistant GE cr
ops comes more use of antiquated, dangerous herbicides. Make sure your Representatives know what's at stake, and reject the riders that would give Monsanto & Co. a free pass."
Take action now!

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