Monday, October 29, 2012

Five-Year-Old Fills Soda All By Herself; Mom Says, "Great Job!"

I just witnessed what one parent (not me) thought was a great teaching moment; I deemed it indicative of much of what is wrong with how we eat in this country. 

The location was a service area—fast food, bathrooms, gas—on the Interstate Highway System. I was having a homemade picnic dinner (chicken thigh on a whole wheat roll with avocado, Dijon mustard, dill and parsley) in the Quiznos's seating area when I went to get a couple napkins.

I passed the self-service soda fountain and saw a girl of about five dispensing neon pink liquid into a huge Coca-Cola cup (it was at least 32 ounces). When she was done, her mom congratulated her: "Great job; that was the first time you did it all by yourself!" 

The girl's drink of choice? Hi-C Poppin' Pink Lemonade, which contains a little less than four grams of sugar (in the form of high fructose corn syrup, from genetically-engineered and pesticide-laden corn) per ounce. 

While the ingredients are awful (but can't be found on Coca-Cola's website), I was more upset knowing that this innocent girl probably thinks that sodas, fruit drinks and sports drinks are normal, everyday beverages. 

I wish her only the best in life, but a part of me knows that her health, intelligence and happiness are being compromised with every sip of Poppin' Pink Lemonade. 

Oh, in addition to fast food, bathrooms and gas, the service areas have water fountains (free!) as well.


Anonymous said...

I will admit that I allow my kids non-caffeinated soda but only when we go out to eat (which is once a week). They are only allowed one refill and then it's water. I've actually had waitstaff look at me like I'm a mean Mommy when I order water for everyone at the table (probably because my kids groan). I'm not virtuous enough to never let them have soda but it's more of a treat than a staple. I grew up rarely drinking the stuff so I don't really have a taste for it. I do hate to see little ones drinking from a liter bottle of Coke or Dr Pepper. As a parent, I just see dentist bills and an impending weight problem when I witness that.

Anonymous said...

After reading 2 posts on here, I'm appalled at how judgemental you are. You have no clue what that young girl drinks at home. If that would have been me with my son, you would have had these horrible misguided thoughts about us without knowing the truth. My son only drinks Vitamin D milk, water and occassionally I add flavoring to the drinks. He never drinks soda and if I do make Kool-Aid at home for a treat, I cut the sugar in half and double the water. When we go out to eat (which is not often), it is a treat and he likes to have lemonade or apple juice. Oh the horrors! Instead of being so judgemental about society, you need to start realizing that you are NOT in the personal lives of people and do NOT know their situation. Start to show compassion instead of judgement and hate.