Thursday, October 25, 2012

Question of the Day: Bulk Bins and Hands

When shopping in the bulk section, why do people use their hands to grab/sample food when the scoops are right there, waiting to be used?


Anonymous said...

I shopped at Whole Foods today, and one item I needed was dried garbanzo beans. I asked the clerk if they had them in a package on the shelf and he led me right to them. I was telling myself, and him, that I just didn't have time for the bulk aisle today. Later it occurred to me that I was probably subconciously (apparently I have mis-spelled that word) recalling this post and reacting to it. My previous caveat on the bulk bins was all the junk that I got along with green lentils from the bin. The bin was close to empty and I got a bunch of what could be described as "sweepings" along with the lentils. Paid full price for them, too!

Chef Rob said...

Haha; pretty funny on both counts.