Monday, October 15, 2012

Kerrygold Coupon Leads to Cheap Nutrient-Dense Butter

Nothing in life is free, but I'll take a half pound of delicious, nutrient-dense butter from grass-fed cows for $1—$1!—any day of the week.

Here's the deal. On packages of Kerrygold Dubliner cheddar cheese (available at many stores, including Whole Foods, where it sells for a ridiculously-low $2.84 for a seven-ounce package), there is a manufacturer's coupon good for $2 off one package of Kerrygold butter.

Conveniently, Whole Foods also sells half-pound packages (two sticks) of sublime Kerrygold butter for $2.99; use the $2 coupon and you're paying only . . . oh, you do the math!

Considering that bland name-brand conventional butters (from milk from cows administered hormones and fed feed full of antibiotics plus genetically-engineered and pesticide-laden corn and soy) cost $4 to $6 per pound (four sticks), I'm going to fill my freezer with almost-free Kerrygold butter. (Yes, butter will stay in the freezer for many months, if not longer.)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I found this post as a result of google searching "Kerrygold butter coupon". This Q was on cheeses (what we buy anyway) at our local Publix as well, but they have recently sold out of ones with the Q. (And I was hoping to find other coupons for it.) So here's my question: is KG butter really only $2.99 and KG cheese really only $2.84 at Whole Foods?!?!?! Publix sells it for $4.19ish and $5.99ish, respectively. Wowsa!!! If only there was a Whole Foods closer to us...

Chef Rob said...


Yes, those are the correct prices. When I first saw them a while back, I thought they were mispriced in the store. FYI, Trader Joe's stores in my area sell Kerrygold butter for $2.79. Any Trader Joe's near you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! Yes, there will be a TraderJoe's opening soon near us (about an hour away)! It may be worth the gas to get there to stock up on cheap(er) Kerrygold butter and cheese! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!