Monday, July 25, 2011

Kerrygold Butter: Grass-Fed for the World to See

As the public's knowledge about the benefits (and dangers) of our food supply increases, I've noticed food companies changing their products' labeling to highlight selling points that previously went unstated.

The first time I saw this was over a year ago when Eden Foods slapped "BPA FREE Lining" on their cans of beans, responding to the upswing in concern over Bisphenol A. Mind you, Eden had been using cans free off BPA since 1999, but, since 98 percent of the public had never heard of the chemical, there was no need to advertise as such.

The latest example is Kerrygold's butter. A redesigned logo has added the words "MILK FROM GRASS-FED COWS" to the Irish company's packaging (click on above photo for more detail), highlighting what so many of us are looking for in our meat and dairy products.

(Nationally, Kerrygold butter is available at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and costs less than $3 for a half pound at both stores.)

To read more about the many health benefits (antioxidants, beneficial fats, nutrients, etc.) of grass-fed meat and dairy products, click here.

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bwims said...

A pity that in the UK, softer 100% butter is no longer available for spreading (though it is in Ireland).

They want us to buy this crap instead:
Kerrygold Spreadable with Irish Butter & Olive Oil 500g
Butter (69%), Vegetable Oils (20%), Water, Olive Oil (5%), Buttermilk, Salt (1.3%), Milk Proteins, Vitamin E, Colour (Carotenes).

69% butter = bigger profits.

They've lost the plot!