Friday, May 29, 2009

PFK: KFC With an Accent

A funny (and true) story for a Friday:

I was in Quebec last weekend, and as is the case in most of the Western world, there are fast food restaurants seemingly everywhere.

Driving through the verdant countryside, I saw a Kentucky Fried Chicken, a k a KFC in the United States. Except the sign in the parking lot read “PFK.”

My immediate thought was that the Québécois got it right and had changed the name to “Poisonous Fucking Khicken.”

Thankfully, my wife—who grew up in Montreal and speaks French—again saved me from myself.

“No, you dumbass,” she said. “It’s in French: Poulet Frit Kentucky. And “chicken” starts with a “c” anyway.”


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jasmine said...

The issue is actually The French Language Charter/Loi 101. Except in certain circumstances English is not allowed to be the prominent language on signage. Either KFC isn't big enough to get an exception or they're trying to "fit in."