Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More About Yuno's Farm

UPDATE: Nevia No has left Yuno's Farm, which is now known as Lani's Farm. For information about Nevia No and her new farm, Bodhitree Farm, click here.

(Second of two parts)

Right now, my favorite vegetables offered by Yuno's Farm are the purple mustard greens I use for salads, the red chard I sauté and the radishes I eat raw, dipped in a little sea salt.

Nevia No, who runs the farm, grew some sweet broccoli rabe earlier this spring that was sensational, but, unfortunately, its season lasted all of three weeks.

Later this summer, as the weather warms, No will bring other vegetables to market. Some of my hard-to-find favorites are her watermelon radishes, shishito peppers, Japanese sweet potatoes and Asian long string beans. When I bring these to cooking lessons, people are usually intrigued and delighted by the crisp, delicious flavors. (I’ll post photos when these become available.)

In addition, No offers plenty of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables and herbs. She also sells eggs, whose yolks are golden orange, not the pale yellow of conventional eggs.

Yuno’s Farm can be found at Union Square on Mondays and Fridays, at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th & 2nd) on Wednesdays and at Abingdon Square (West Village) on Saturdays.

Tell Nevia I sent you.

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James said...

Just came across your blog while googling whether or not Nevia will be at the market tomorrow (memorial day). Looking forward to becoming a regular Delicious Truth reader!