Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toxic Fumes in the Locker Room

No matter how hard we try to avoid toxins in our food, water, personal health care products and household cleaners, sometimes we find ourselves in (literally and figuratively) a stinky situation.

The gym where I exercise is the perfect example. The completion of my morning workout coincides perfectly with the daily cleaning of the men’s locker room. When I go to shower I am invariably met with the toxic fumes of harsh cleaning supplies.

At home, I switched to Seventh Generation products years ago to avoid the chlorines, bleaches, perfumes and other chemicals found in popular, national-brand cleaners. But at the gym, I am at the mercy of management’s purchasing decisions; thus, my breakfast of toxic fumes. (Just because a fragrance has a sweet smell or name doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous.)

Luckily, exercise is a great way (via sweating) of cleansing our systems of toxins. Maybe I should shower before I work out?

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