Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seventh Generation Cleaning Products Gain Momentum

As more of us learn about the dangers of modern foodstuffs, household cleaning products and personal hygiene items sold primarily by multinationals, more of us opt for safer alternatives.

While these corporate behemoths have the money to advertise to large audiences on a grand scale (i.e. Golden Globe Awards, Super Bowl), word can also spread about smaller companies on a grass-roots level, often from friend to friend.

Our new purchasing decisions help increase the smaller producers’ profits, allowing them to advertise more and further spreading their message. A perfect example is Seventh Generation, whose products I have been using for several years. The company has been making non-toxic household cleaning and personal care products for 20 years using plant- and mineral-derived agents.

Using the momentum from the burgeoning green movement, Seventh Generation recently released its first national television advertisement.

Click here to watch the poignant ad that will hopefully resonate and spur more people to buy safer products, avoiding items like laundry detergents full of harsh perfumes, phosphates and optical brighteners and paper towels whitened with chlorine.


An Hour In the Kitchen said...

Or you can make your own. Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice do wonders!

Helish Lawera said...

Everyone share their experience here and this is really nice to read different kind of theories related to same topic. Everyone placing their different opinion and it shows diversity. Appreciate this platform.