Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Help Our Kids Eat Better

There's so much good being done to improve our food supply and how we eat. Unfortunately, politics and money occasionally get in the way.

I received the following email from Slow Food USA yesterday. It deals with the funding for school lunches and food stamps, major battlegrounds in how we feed our children and, ultimately, how we shape society. (Healthier food for kids = better concentration = more learning opportunities = smarter kids = smarter teenagers = smarter adults = more productive society.)

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to make sure America's school children get the food they deserve. The House is poised to pass the Child Nutrition Act, which would improve the quality of school lunches.

But there's a real risk they'll pass an underfunded version that takes money from food stamps. Can you send a quick message to your House Rep pushing them to fund and pass the better version of the Act?.

Now, with only days before the Act is due to expire, we need one last push to get this over the line.

House Reps have two versions of this Bill sitting on their desks - one of which (the version passed by the Senate) which takes money out of the food stamps program, and one which does not. Right now, each Rep is deciding which version to vote for.

This campaign has shown us the power of our grassroots movement - everyday Americans from coast to coast, united by their concern for the health of our kids, and willing to take action on it. Let's make sure we don't falter at this last hurdle, and tell Congress: It's Time for Lunch.
Click here to email your representative today. (It's a pre-written form letter that takes about 10 seconds to fill out.)

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