Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Maniacal" Kids and Their Concerned Parents

A reader recently left a comment to a series of posts I wrote in January 2009 about the dangers of Yoplait Trix Yogurt. The reader’s experience can serve as a cautionary tale for those still wondering if there is a link between what we eat and our health/behavior:
"Gas zooks! [sic] My boy went into a maniacal frenzy after eating this stuff. He is an active 2 year old, but I have never seen him nearly this wired. He literally ran around the house in circles screaming. It was so nuts that I had to do some Googling. Lo and behold....I happened upon this site. I will promptly dispose of the remaining chemical concoction."
This isn’t the first time a parent went Googling for answers in response to a child’s strange behavior. This comment dates from January 2010:
"I found this site when I Googled 'Trix yogurt & hyperactivity,' because my son ate one yesterday (his first and LAST!), and went into a mad tailspin. When we checked the ingredients all we saw was sugar & chemicals. My husband felt terrible because he bought it thinking it would be a healthy snack - what could be wrong with yogurt? How are they allowed to even call this yogurt?"
Remember, these are one-off feedings. Should we dare to think about the innocent kids who are eating various “chemical concoctions” filled with artificial colorants (linked to ADHD), processed sugars and preservatives several times per day?

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