Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deal (Make That Steal) of the Week at Whole Foods

As I’ve previously mentioned, Whole Foods’ house label—365 Everyday Value—offers high-quality products at very fair prices. Both organic and conventional items are available, and many organic 365 goods are cheaper than their conventional, brand-name counterparts.

One example is 365 organic whole wheat pasta, priced from $1.29 to $1.79 (depending on the shape) at my local Whole Foods. Consider that Barilla and Ronzoni—conventional pastas from white flour—are priced similarly at other supermarkets, while De Cecco pasta can cost a dollar more.

In addition, the majority of organic whole wheat pastas cost at least $3.

The 365 organic whole wheat pastas are even a better deal if one uses the 50-cent coupon available in the January/February issue of The Whole Deal, the in-house circular available at all Whole Foods stores. (Coupons are valid until the end of March, so stock up.)

Organic whole wheat penne and spaghetti for just 79 cents!

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