Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frozen Vegetables: A Great Option During Winter

During the middle of winter (now!), high-quality fresh vegetables aren’t exactly easy to find. Most of the limited selection in the market looks tired, since it’s traveled from Florida, California or Latin America. Prices aren’t user-friendly either.

Frozen vegetables are a great option this time of year. They were picked, packaged and frozen during the height of the growing season and are usually cheaper than their “fresh” counterparts.

When possible, buy organic frozen vegetables, which are free of dangerous pesticides and, in theory, are grown in healthier soil that will provide us more nutrients. (We are only as healthy as the soil that our food grows in.)

Many markets have their own store labels, which are cheaper than the national organic brands.

Preparing the frozen vegetables is simple. Throw some peas, carrots, broccoli florets, string beans, etc. in a pan and warm over low heat. There’s no reason to defrost the vegetables; the water in them will melt and help them cook. Don’t forget to season with unrefined sea salt, fresh ground pepper and some fresh lemon juice.

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