Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Apricots in Krems, Austria!

There are hundreds of apricot trees in and around Krems, Austria, both on private and public property. The below took place on Saturday in a small public park and was much cheaper than buying apricots at the outdoor market a five-minute walk away.

(By the way, father and son are Albanian, not Russian.)


Oni said...

Haha small world, I could translate it for you. But I couldn't hear very well over your talking Rob. On 0:35, the father was instructing his son: "Carefully throw them".

Looks like your having a good time in Europe though!

Oni said...

Or "throw it carefully", same thing though.

Chef Rob said...


Wow, good ears. Had I known, I would have let the action (and father) do the talking!

Oni said...

Maybe next time then, this is literally the only time the language has been somewhat useful for me.

Chef Rob said...

That solves that; my next trip is to Albania!