Monday, August 15, 2011

Energy Conversation in Schools Goes Mainstream

There's a great article in today's New York Times about the energy-saving strategies schools are taking to save boatloads of money. Click here to read "With Post-Its and Checklists, Schools Cut Their Energy Bills." An excerpt:
"Schools, once known as energy wasters, are embracing conservation in increasing numbers. A desire to practice the environmentally friendly principles discussed in classrooms has been heightened by soaring energy costs and tighter budgets. With the help of a growing industry of energy consultants, school officials are evaluating every detail of their daily operations, like the temperature of the swimming pool and the amount of electricity the cafeteria ovens use, and are replacing energy-guzzling equipment with more efficient models."
The practice-what-you-preach idea is similar to the changes we're seeing in schools in regard to food and nutrition. It's all for the better!

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