Tuesday, August 9, 2011

VIDEO: How Broccoli Grows


Crystal said...

I planted broccoli in my home garden for the first time this year and had never thought to use the leaves like a dark leafy green. I'm curious, though, when do you harvest them? Do you have to wait until after harvesting the broccoli or can you thin out the leaves throughout the growing season?

Chef Rob said...


Cutting the greens from root vegetables (turnips, beets, etc.) definitely hinders the growth of the actual turnip, beet, etc.

I have yet to find a definitive answer if the same holds true for broccoli and its florets, but I've been sporadically cutting the greens this summer and the florets have been developing fine.

That being said, according to a friend (who is a farmer), "since photosynthesis through the leaves aids the development of the whole plant" cutting the leaves could "theoretically" could stunt floret growth.

Hope that helps.


Crystal said...

Yes, it helps.

This is my first year growing vegetables and I'm doing a lot of experimenting in my home garden, learning as I go along, and your posts are a great help.
I've planted several broccoli plants and I think I'll try both methods of harvesting the greens and see what effect, if any, the harvesting has on my plants.

Thank you for all your great posts educating the rest of us on healthy sustainable food.