Friday, September 2, 2011

"Back to the Start": Chipotle's Must-See Video

On the basis of one two-minute video, add Chipotle to the (short) list of companies I like. Before seeing the video yesterday, I had known the basics of the company's ethos. After watching, I did a little reading and am impressed with what Chipotle, a public company, is doing on a national, mass-market scale.

It seems as if the company actually cares about the greater good, something in short supply these days. For example, a lot of the meat (beef, chicken, pork) used is from animals raised without antibiotics or hormones, almost half the beans are organic and the cilantro is organic.

The animated video, "Back to the Start," just went national. According to the company,
"Chipotle plans to show the two-minute film nationally beginning in September. It will appear on nearly 5,700 movie theater screens in advance of feature films and will educate consumers about Chipotle's favored farming methods, and demonstrate the differences between industrial farming and more sustainable methods."
Again, I am amazed this is from a publicly-traded company. There is hope! What do you think?

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Clair said...

I'd be interested to know what other few companies make your list. I hear a lot about Starbucks and Boloco doing good things, but I've never done enough digging to know if it's sincere.

Chef Rob said...


Here's the list:

Nature's Path:

Eden Foods:

Wild Planet Foods:

Dr. Bronner's:

Lodge Cast Iron:

I'll list more as I think of them.