Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Are There Dozens of Phone Books in My Lobby?

Can someone please explain to me why phone books still exist? Or at least explain why yellow and white pages are dropped off en masse to New York City apartment buildings annually, when it's painfully clear that nobody cares?

Of the roughly 50 books left on the ground floor of my building over a week ago, exactly one(!) was removed from the plastic packaging that enclosed the books. What a waste!

But heaven help us if we cross the telephone book lobby . . .


Anonymous said...

This happens in my building as well. Two competing companies leave books, so more than twice as many as we need. I believe the prevailing phone company leaves one per phone jack and the other company leaves 2 per unit. In the past these were not accepted in newspaper recycling bins, but that may have changed. However, I think this situation is begging for some creative thinking -- perhaps a contest for the most unusual ways to re-use these books rather than "just" recycling. Depending on type of ink, could they be ground up and composted or used for mulch, for example?

Chef Rob said...

Phone books are accepted for recycling in New York City now:

I like your composting idea!