Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Quick and Easy Dinner Using Grass-Fed Beef and Veggies

The quickest of quick homemade and healthy dinners for those who find themselves with limited time to cook:

Cook some ground beef (grass-fed if at all possible) in a little olive oil in a sauté pan. When the beef is about 75 percent cooked, remove it to a bowl. Leave some of the oil and juices from the beef in the pan.

(Alternatively, instead of throwing out the excess oil and juices, sop them up with a piece of bread or drink them with a spoon. Don't listen to the prevailing debatable science—that's all it is!—that makes fat the worst villain since Dr. No.)

Anyway, while the beef is cooking, chop some veggies (whatever you have!). After removing the beef, add the veggies and cook until they become soft. Add slower-cooking veggies first. Put the ground beef back in pan, mix, season with unrefined salt, fresh ground pepper and any other spices you like.

With limited time on my hands, I made this last night in less than 10 minutes, using zucchini, garlic, scallions, yellow pepper, purple kale and parsley. I also added a little cumin.

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