Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will Dunkin' Donuts Move to Cage-Free Eggs?

Several months ago I wrote about Pepperidge Farm's move away from using artificial colors, which was influenced by consumer preference. Here's the latest example of how public pressure can sway corporate policy, courtesy of Rodale News:
"Dunkin' Donuts may be the king of coffee in America, but the company also sells tons of egg sandwiches to enjoy with its java. Because of Dunkin' Donuts' major reach, an online petition started by is pressuring the breakfast food giant to convert to cage-free eggs.

"Dunkin' Donuts officials recently announced that the company is looking into the possibility of sourcing cage-free eggs in its first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility report, titled 'Compassion over Killing,' following mounting public pressure to adopt more sustainable practices. 'In 2009, Compassion over Killing revealed horrific conditions at a Dunkin' Donuts egg supplier,' says Annie Hartnett, creator of the Dunkin' Donuts' cage-free campaign on 'I’d be thrilled to see Dunkin' Donuts finally go cage-free, both for public health reasons and for the sake of animal welfare.'"
It'll be interesting to see what Dunkin' Donuts does. Click here to read the entire article.

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