Friday, January 16, 2009

Yoplait Trix Yogurt: The Final Frontier

(Third of three parts)
My call to the Yoplait Trix toll-free number was answered by Matt, a customer service representative. Trust me, this call was not outsourced. Matt was the epitome of Generation Y, seemingly more interested in texting his friends than speaking wit
h me.

I began my interrogation by asking Matt what made the Strawberry Punch, Raspberry Rainbow and Wildberry Blue varieties different, being that their ingredients, including the colorants, were identical. (What follows is actual dialogue.)

would think the only thing different is the colorings,” Matt said.

“But the colorings are the same,” I replied.

Perplexed, Matt put me on
hold. There’s a good chance this may have been just a stalling technique so he could vote for an “American Idol” winner. His answer didn’t quell my suspicions.

“They are all the same; the only thing different is the flavoring,” he said.

“Well, what’s the flavoring?” I asked.

Silence from Matt.

“What does natural and artificial flavor mean?” I prodded.

Matt stammered, and then said he’d have to consult a product specialist. “I don’t have that information. He would know.”

I passed on
being put on hold again and moved on to my next line of questioning.

“Wouldn’t it be
better if you put two actual fruits in every cup instead of two fruity colors?”

“So you want actual fruit. That’s a new s
uggestion; I will pass it on.” Matt spoke while he typed: ”Putting . . . actual . . . fruit . . . into . . . yogurt.”

“You know,” he con
tinued, “we have other yogurts that have fruit in them.”

“So who is this product for?”

“A lot of kids like it,” Matt said. “Yogurt is also good for babies, who can’t have the fruit bits, but this has the fruit flavor.”

“But the sugar, high fructose corn syrup and modified corn starch are good for the babies?” I asked.

“Well, it’s extra flavoring and they are FDA approved.”

Ah, the veritable and venerable FDA seal of approval. I am sure that customer service representatives throughout the world are trained to answer in this fashion when there are no sensible answers to a question.
After allowing myself a laugh, I asked Matt if he had every eaten the yogurts.

“Yup, it’s pretty good. We have to do a whole tasting before we start working here.”

“What’s your favorite flavor?”

“I like the Cotton Candy.”

“What? Cotton Candy? I didn’t see that flavor!”

“Yea, it’s really good.”

I found out I also missed Strawberry Kiwi (packaged with the Cotton Candy), plus Very Berry Watermelon and Berry Bolt.

I had one more question and I was curious to see how Matt would handle it. Nonchalant and with aplomb, he did not disappoint.

“Don’t you think this product is better suited for a Toys “R” Us than a supermarket?” I asked.

“I can see where you are coming from, but I’m not sure. I will make a note.”


Curtis Maximus said...

I am glad someone is actually questioning the nutritional value of these products, but what concerns me are your methods. The poor guy on the phone doesn't hold the information you seek so why blast him like this? You act like hes sitting behind a desk with some beakers mixing the yogurt ingredients himself or something. He probably makes minimum wage just trying to make a living answering phones. Your entire post comes off as extremely arrogant and you make many assumptions about the employees personality. Stick to the facts and leave the high school insults out of the product review. You will reach a wider audience.

Shame said...

I agree with everything Curtis Maximus said.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Rob, you sound like a bit of a snob. Why not make fun of the 'greeter' at Walmart too.

Anonymous said...

Gas zooks! My boy went into a maniacal frenzy after eating this stuff. He is an active 2 year old, but I have never seen him nearly this wired. He literally ran around the house in circles screaming. It was so nuts that I had to do some Googling. Low and behold....I happened upon this site. I will promptly dispose of the remaining chemical concoction.

Cindy T. said...

Hey Bonehead!
Yeah. You, who wrote the article. Are you so arrogant because you were born into a rich family and were shielded from the real world? Curtis Maximus is right; the kid on the other end is making (a little better than) minimum wage and he is taught the product from the consumer's point of view. He can answer general pre-sales and post-sale calls. Post sales calls would basically be that you found a mouse in your yogurt or the stuff is spoiled and he gets your info and sends you a coupon for more free yogurt and types it all in the computer.

I wonder if you get paid for this, because I could have written a much more thorough and accurate article. You didn't know about the other flavors? I do, I just ate a cotton candy one and wanted to look up the info-accidentally found your site.

Anyway, you also needed to compare the Trix to the adult version of Yoplait. You also needed to compare the Trix to the other brand kids yogurts and pit them against the adult versions of all the brands before typing a single word!

Guess what? I did that with only the Yoplait brand but now I am on a crusade! It's a shame, the millions/billions of MB's people waste to say nothing, or something inaccurate or to repeat something someone all ready said on 10 other sites!!!

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