Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Best Knives to Use for Cooking

Many clients are surprised when I show up at their homes for a cooking lesson and take out two knives, neither of which is thought of as a conventional, everyday knife.

The two knives—both serrated—are a Wusthof 8-inch bread knife and a Victorinox 4-inch paring knife. I use them for 95% of my cutting.


The primary reason is that they are always sharp. Because they are serrated, they never lose their edge and never have to be honed. I have been using both for years and they are as sharp now as they were on the day I bought them.

Dull knives are dangerous, since they can slide off what you are trying to cut, posing a great risk for a wound. People who try the serrated knives usually take to them immediately, in no small part because they feel safer using them.

The equation is pretty simple: If you are scared of using a knife, there’s a good chance you won’t cook often.

In addition to safety, there’s the issue of cost and practicality. The Victorinox paring knife can be found on-line or in restaurant supply stores for $5, and a larger serrated bread knife can be had for about $50.

Trust me, these knives are a much better investment than an expensive, sleek 18-piece knife set. If you really want (or need) the fish deboner, let me know.

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