Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jane Brody - "America's Diet: Too Sweet by the Spoonful"

A friend of mine is a squash pro who runs a daily junior program. Occasionally, when he is out of town, I fill in for him.

Each class averages about six kids, and more than half bring a snack and/or drink. There have been four classes this week, and I’ve seen plenty of Gatorade, Snapple, VitaminWater, granola bars, chips and cookies. There’s been one bottle of water. (The kids who don’t bring anything generally drink from the water fountain.)

Can someone explain to me the need for all the sugar?

Coincidentally, there was a great article (Jane Brody's Personal Health column) in this week’s Science Times explaining the different kinds of sugars and the detrimental effects of sweetened drinks and foods. It is truly worth the five minutes needed to read it.

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