Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Is Available at Whole Foods

Great news, ice cream lovers: Van Leeuwen ice cream, which I wrote about last summer, is now being sold in select Whole Foods stores in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

“We started selling there just before Christmas,” said Ben Van Leeuwen, the founder of the artisanal ice cream company. “Sales are very good for a new brand.”

All 10 flavors of Van Leeuwen’s ice cream are available in pints for $5.99. Yes, this is 33% more expensive than Haagen-Daz ($4.49 per pint). What to do? Make your portions of Van Leeuwen 33% smaller, and your cost per serving will be the same! (FYI, you so don’t need that seventh scoop.)

Van Leeuwen will add a third ice cream truck to his mobile fleet this spring, and he hopes to start selling on New York City streets—if the weather cooperates—in early April.

For those having a party, five-quart and three-gallon tubs are also available at very reasonable prices.

(There’s a rumor floating around that a certain event at the end of this month will feature milk shake shots made with Van Leeuwen coffee and mint chip ice cream.)

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