Friday, February 13, 2009

How to Roast Beets & Other Vegetables

I’m a big fan of free cooking. By “free” I mean the simple roasting of foods in the oven, with a minimal amount of fuss and effort. I cook vegetables this way all the time.

Most of the roasting time is unattended, as the heat of the oven does the work for you. Cooking times vary depending on the vegetable, but, for example, figure about 8-10 minutes for scallions, 15-20 minutes for portobello mushrooms and 45-60 minutes for beets.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chef Rob! Your video was perfect--short and sweet and told me what I needed to know! I love roasting vegetables and tossing them with rice pasta or brown rice and my husband picked up some organic beets at the market . . . I just couldn't remember how to roast them!