Monday, March 29, 2010

Nevia No Returns to New York City's Farmers' Markets

Last May I wrote about Nevia No, the face and spirit behind Yuno’s Farm and the producer of some of the most flavorful vegetables at New York City farmers’ markets.

Several weeks later, No vanished, Yuno’s Farm became Lani’s Farm and hundreds of faithful customers were left wondering as to No’s whereabouts.

Call off the search. After months of hard work, No is back. She is renting 70 acres in southern New Jersey and has named her farm Bodhitree Farm.

(According to No, Bodhi means “enlightenment” in Sanskrit.)

“It’s hard work,” No said, “but I am truly loving it. Everything in life has meaning, even the labor.”

For now, No is selling greens (baby lettuces, pea shoots, mustard greens, etc.) grown in her seven greenhouses, plus eggs with flavor and a deep orange color. As the weather warms, the vegetables (including many Asian varietals difficult to find) No is famous for will be available.

“Plus more,” she said.


“Shouldn’t that be a surprise?” No said, in her typical coy manner.

Find No and Bodhitree Farm at Union Square on Fridays and Abingdon Square (West Village) on Saturdays. She is hoping to land more slots on additional days at other markets.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to contact Bodhi Tree and/or Nevia?