Thursday, January 28, 2010

Food 101: Michael Pollan on Oprah

Sure, readership of The Delicious Truth is growing, but I’ll acknowledge that Oprah Winfrey probably has a larger following.

And that’s why I couldn’t be happier that food writer Michael Pollan appeared on “The Oprah Show” yesterday to discuss so many of the issues regularly covered here. I would guess that today millions of people are wondering where our chickens come from and how they are raised, questions they never thought to ask before.

As knowledge of the dangers of our modern food supply spreads, the better off we—and future generations—will be. Oprah definitely understands the gravity of this issue and called for a food revolution. Let’s hope the O Factor works its magic.

Click here to watch a four-minute clip of Pollan talking with Oprah yesterday.

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