Friday, January 29, 2010

How Cold Weather Affects Vegetable Prices

Winters in colder climates are difficult enough for those who enjoy fruits and vegetables, but the unseasonably cold temperatures in Florida earlier this month have further complicated the situation.

This sign is on display at Fairway, the m
arket where I do most of my shopping for vegetables this time of year:
True enough, string beans are now $4 per pound. During normal winters they are $2.50. (In the height of summer, when they are grown in New Jersey, you can get a pound for $1.)

Last week, the zucchini were feeble-looking, but were selling for $3 per pound. Yesterday, nicer ones from Georgia were $1.29.

Good options in the winter are frozen vegetables. The prices are static and the vegetables are picked and frozen in-season. Just remember to buy vegetables that are just vegetables; there is no reason for processed salt to be an ingredient.

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