Friday, January 15, 2010

Where to Shop? A Great New Find: Earth Fare Supermarkets

Living in New York City, I have several excellent options for buying food. Using a combination of farmers’ markets, Fairway and Whole Foods, I am able to purchase the fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, dairy, grains and breads that I always discuss here.

Having access to high-quality food is essential in maintaining a healthy diet. Unfortunately, this is not always easy, as I witnessed recently when I was in another part of the country. At my first stop, the supermarket lacked meats free of hormones and antibiotics, the fruits and vegetables look tired and the breads were pre-sliced commercial brands sold in plastic bags.

Using the latest hand-held technology (not mine), we found a nearby Whole Foods. The presence of grass-fed ground beef, organic whole grains and unbleached breads was worth the 15-minute drive. Yes, the bill was a little more than it would have been at the first market, but my goal was to buy food that I would enjoy and would keep me healthy, not synthetic imitations that lacked flavor and could make me sick.

Thankfully, the options for buying better food are increasing. I just stumbled upon Earth Fare, a chain of 17 markets in four states in the Southeast. I have never been in an Earth Fare store, but judging from the company’s food philosophy, I would be able to eat very well in Greenville, S.C., Johnson City, Tenn. and Boone, N.C.

More about Earth Fare on Monday.

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