Monday, January 18, 2010

More on Earth Fare Food Markets

As I discussed Friday, I recently learned about Earth Fare, a chain of supermarkets in the Southeast.

Comparisons to Whole Foods would be expected, but judging from its website, blogs and videos, the smaller Earth Fare (17 stores) has a much spunkier and irreverent attitude.

For example, CEO Jack Murphy—who appears in most videos—explains how Mother Nature has affected Earth Fare’s ability to stock certain fruits and vegetables that have suffered from the recent freeze in the Florida.

In fact, Murphy says that Earth Fare “won’t sell garbage and will not carry items if the price increase is outrageous.” I find Murphy’s tone refreshing, especially compared to the sterile and defensive statements issued by most of the big food companies when I inquire about their policies and products.

Also refreshing is Earth Fare’s food philosophy, which advocates “foods that are as close to the ground as it gets.” This means not selling foods containing antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, hydrogenated oils, bleached flour and artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

I haven’t been in an Earth Fare market, but I like what I’ve read and can’t wait to visit one of the stores.

Any Earth Fare shoppers want to share their experiences?


Maria said...

I frequent the Earth Fare in Raleigh, NC. I love that I can shop at a place that has vetted all the food; I don't have to read a label there. The meat is some of the best I have had, and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. You can tell that they really believe in their food philosophy.

I recently learned that they are offering something called a Pantry Makeover. I gave the coupon to my mother so that she could trade-in items with bad ingredients for EF products with good ingredients. My mother had a half open jar of peanut butter, and they took it! I have never heard of a store doing something like this...I love it!

Anonymous said...

As a mother of two small children (who have NEVER eaten McDonald's or any fast food like it) it is a constant challenge to keep healthy, and preferably organic choices in front of them. Having Earth Fare as our primary place for grocery shopping, it is easy and fun feeding healthy food to my family. I never have to worry about hidden "contraband" in the food I buy there, even if I am looking for something fast and buy it from the pre-made area. And, as an extra bonus, the staff is knowledgable, nice and helpful. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful HEALTHY grocery store where I can do my shopping. Can't wait to hear about your experience when you get a chance to shop there!

Jennifer said...

I think of Earth Fare as much as a community center as I do a grocery store. Not only are they and there employees great resources for newbies on the path to wellness - there are always great lectures and events going on. They make staying healthy easy and fun. There deli has awesome already prepared meals - perfect when I get too busy to cook.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Earth Fare! I shop at both the Knoxville stores and always enjoy my experience there. It is a fun shopping experience and always great quality food that I don't have to worry about! As a mom, it is so refreshing to not worry about all the ick out there being branded toward my baby.

Anonymous said...

I love Earth Fare. It's an amazing store. The food philosophy is the best that I've found.


Anonymous said...

I shop at Earth Fare in Knoxville and it is terrific! The prepared foods are amazing, and the staff is always SO helpful and friendly. I am constantly discovering cool new products to taste and experiment with. I think you will love it!

Rachel said...

I love going to Earth Fare! I live in the middle of the 3 Charlotte locations - I'm pretty lucky! There is always great customer service and smiles everytime I walk in any of the doors! One of my favorite things at Earth Fare is the wonderful meat department. There is just something about getting meat that hasn't been injected with steroids or any chemicals. Just great, all natural, fresh meat! Just writing about it makes me hungry!

Sue Naegle said...

I love Earth Fare! I shop at the Augusta Earth Fare, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I can always find the organic/natural products that I'm looking for, and I am constantly trying new things every time I stop by. The staff is super-friendly, knowledgeable and I love how clean and comfortable the store is... yay for Earth Fare!