Monday, March 22, 2010

Dried Fruit: If Possible, Avoid Sulfur Dioxide

Dried fruits make for a great snack, but as is the case with almost all foods, there are good and bad options.

On the left in the photo are dried apricots treated with sulfur dioxide to increase shelf life and promote the bright orange color. On the right are organic dried apricots showing their true darker hue.

Even if you don’t believe that sulfur dioxide in our dried fruit presents a health issue, doesn’t common sense dictate eating food as close to its natural state as possible? Given a choice, purchasing the organic apricots should be our decision.

Some helpful information:
  • To counter the shelf life issue, store unsulfured dried fruit in the freezer.
  • Unsulfured dried fruit is available in most health food stores and many progressive supermarkets.
  • At Fairway, where I buy my dried fruit, the pictured apricots are exactly the same price ($4.99 per pound).
  • Add chopped dried fruit to oatmeal or plain yogurt for sweetness.


Kid Icarus said...

I just happened upon your blog! Nice find! And I am so thrilled to hear about the dried fruit. I am new to healthy eating, and this is just one more awesome tid-bit to be aware of! Thanks for the information!

Derek said...

I discovered organic apricots this weekend and in addition to them being sulfur dioxide free, they are much more delicious!

Drifting Catfish said...

in all fairness, i posted on my husband's blog by accident. i am pretty sure that he doesn't really care about the different kinds of apricots...

Laura Shannon said...

I have been avoiding to buy dry apricots containing sulphur dioxide. I felt it was not good for my health, and got a proof of it here on your page. I purchased a pack of organic dry apricots in the Whole Foods store and so happy about it. They taste good. :)
Thanks for the good information.