Monday, March 1, 2010

Removing Toxins From Your Kitchen: No More Microwave


The Mediocre Cook said...

What is it in particular about the microwave that is toxic? I had never heard of this and while I don't actually use my microwave that often I have been known to speed up the defrost on occasion with a quick zap.

Chef Rob said...

Mediocre Cook (your term, not mine),

Unfortunately, there are several possible problems with microwaves. These include released radiation, toxic dangers from microwaveable plastic food containers and the changed chemical composition of microwaved foods.

Keep in mind that like so many other issues in the world of toxicity, exhaustive long-term studies are few and far between. You'll find many people who will strongly argue either side of the microwave debate.

My non-medical, non-scientific gut feeling? Don't use microwaves. Why take a chance when more traditional and possibly less toxic alternatives exist?