Thursday, November 15, 2012

PAN: "Stop the Pipeline of New GE Seeds!"

Here's the latest action alert from Pesticide Action Network, which dovetails with the post I wrote yesterday about public water supplies poisoned by pesticides and other detritus of our modern food supply:
"While the 'Big 6' pesticide corporations were pouring millions into defeating California’s initiative to label genetically engineered (GE) food, their suite of 'next generation' GE seeds continued to move quietly toward USDA approval.
"Herbicide-resistant seeds in the pipeline — including Dow's 2,4-D corn and Monsanto's dicamba soy — will drive up the use of these hazardous chemicals, destroying neighbor crops and creating unnecessary health risks to farmers and rural communities.

"Urge USDA to stop the GE pipeline» Dow’s application for 2,4-D-resistant corn is first in the queue, and 2,4-D soy and Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant soy are not far behind. With a decision on the first application due any day, we need to speak up now. And loudly.

"Scientists warn that 2,4-D corn alone could increase the herbicide's use by 30-fold. The introduction of dicamba soy could cause a similarly dramatic surge in use. And both herbicides are known to drift, easily destroying other farmers’ crops of tomatoes, grapes, beans, cotton, soy — just about any broadleaf plant.

"And just as Monsanto's RoundUp Ready seed line led to the emergence of herbicide-resistant 'superweeds' across the country, so too will the next generation of GE seeds. But instead of abandoning the losing strategy of stacking seeds with herbicide-resistant traits, Dow, Monsanto and the rest of the Big 6 are introducing more of the same.

"Say no to this pipeline of bad ideas» Call on USDA to stop the pipeline of next generation GE seeds, and take a stand for farming communities across the country. The first step? Rejecting Dow's 2,4-D corn.

"The Big 6 are intent on maintaining and expanding their control of our food and farming system, introducing one GE crop after another in a pipeline of untested products that drive the pesticide market. Join us in saying, 'No more!'
"Thank you for adding your voice to the swell."

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