Friday, November 2, 2012

Wrong Information from Employees at Whole Foods

I was in Whole Foods yesterday and a woman asked the butcher if they had any organic ground beef. 

"No," he answered, "but all of our meat is free of hormones and antibiotics and pesticides." 

"No, no, no!" I exclaimed, sort of under my breath. 

I am amazed at how much incorrect information is offered by food market employees, especially at Whole Foods. In this case, the butcher was two-thirds correct. All meat Whole Foods sells from its butcher counter is free of hormones and antibiotics. But unless the meat is organic, there is a very good chance that the livestock's feed contained grains sprayed with pesticides. 

A couple weeks ago, in the store's bulk section, a shopper asked an employee about whole grains. The convoluted, rambling and incorrect answer would have been perfect for a presidential debate, but it didn't do the customer any good. (Click here for an explanation of whole grains.) 

Have a nice weekend.

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