Monday, November 19, 2012

Recommended: If You Care Baking & Household Products

I made pumpkin muffins over the weekend (click here for the recipe) using unbleached totally chlorine-free (TCF) baking cups from If You Care, a company that makes a bevy of high-quality, environment-friendly products. 

Chlorine is used to whiten most paper products, including paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, baking cups and wax paper. But, according to the If You Care website, "[s]ince no chlorine is used for bleaching, no chlorine is dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams." Never thought about that one while filling your water bottle, eh?

The company sticks to this ideal when creating all of its products. Here's a long-form mission statement, again from the website:

"If You Care is committed to protecting the environment by producing high-quality alternatives to conventional kitchen and household products. The materials we use are specially chosen to reduce their impact on our environment. We use unbleached paper, recycled materials and wood and paper coming from sustainably managed forests. We replace petroleum based ingredients with natural and renewable resources. We use paper from pulp and paper mills practicing the highest levels of clean water management. Every care is taken to ensure that each step– from factory to store shelf – conforms to strict standards for the conservation and protection of our greatest asset – the environment."
In addition to the baking cups, I use If You Care parchment baking paper, cheesecloth, cooking twine and household gloves; I highly recommend them all. For a full list of the company's products, click here. For information on where to buy If You Care products in the United States, click here. For retailers around the world, click here. For online retailers, click here.

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Jesse C said...

Silicon baking cups are even more environmentally friendly then the disposable ones.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good info and links. I have bookmarked it for future use. I am interested in several products, including the firelighters.

Chef Rob said...

Jesse C - I forgot to mention that the If You Care baking cups are compostable.