Thursday, November 29, 2012

Roasting Sweet Potatoes - Easy, Easy, Easy

Roasted Japanese and Jewel sweet potatoes.
Roasting food is one of the easiest ways to cook. The secret? Put food in oven, remove food when it is done. No joke.

I just cooked two varieties of sweet potatoes—Japanese (the whitish) and Jewel (orange)—and it took just a couple minutes of active preparation. The payoff in flavor and nutrition, though, far exceeds the effort.

After washing the sweet potatoes, I cut them into smaller pieces and put them into the toaster oven (375 degrees). About 25 minutes later, they were soft. After they cool, I'll store them in the refrigerator and eat over the next several days.

Remember, cooking does not have to be a Julia Childesque production.


Anonymous said...

I have not tried the Japanese variety yet. The others are delicious! Usually I drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with herbs before roasting. Do you consume them as they are pictured here or do you combine with other ingredients after the roasting? My farm market farmer says to scrub but not peel them. I think in your picture they are not peeled, is that right? Don't you just love the way they get a little caramelized around the edges?

Chef Rob said...


I eat them absolutely plain!

Correct; I do not peel.

Yes, the caramelized gooeyness (technical term) is phenomenal.

Alaska Salmon Fishing said...

I think the cooking time needs to be increased. I used medium size sweet potatoes, after 45 minutes, they were cooked but still firm. Maybe an extra 15 minutes will be good.

Must see San Antonio Movers said...

Roasted sweet potatoes are my favorite thing. It's been few months since I've had it.