Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful for Sales and Coupons, Especially at the Same Time

In addition to all the really important stuff, I am also thankful for sales and coupons, especially when the timing works so that I can combine savings.

Witness this morning's three-item purchase at my local Whole Foods, one in which I paid $6.38 for butter, bread and chocolate chips that normally retail for $14.48. Bob Barker, eat your heart out!

Here's how I did it:

The bread, a Whole Foods organic seeduction loaf usually priced at $5, is currently on sale (last day today) for $3.49. In addition, I used a $1 coupon from the store's The Whole Deal bimonthly savings circular to bring the cost down to $2.49.

The butter, Kerrygold's superlative product made using milk from grass-fed cows, sells for $2.99, but with a $2 coupon I've previously written about, I paid only $0.99 for a half pound of butter.

The chocolate chips, organic bittersweet chips from SunSpire, normally cost $6.49 for a 9-ounce package, much more than I'd ever pay. However, all SunSpire chips are on sale at my Whole Foods (until November 27) for $4 a package, a far saner price. Even better, I used a $1 coupon in the circular and paid only $3.

Total cost for the three items was $6.48, but since I used my own bag I received a $0.10 discount, making the final cost $6.38. Not bad if I say so myself!

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