Wednesday, January 14, 2009

General Mills Yoplait Trix "Yogurt" Should Be Illegal

(First of three parts)
Do not be fooled by General Mills Yoplait Trix Lowfat Yogurt. Several of this product's ingredients, including its sugars (disguised with various names) and artificial colors, are dangerous.

Also disconcerting is its residence in the seemingly healthy neighborhood of supermarkets’ yogurt sections, which leads parents to believe that they are doing right in feeding this to their children. In reality, this product’s existence is akin to the worst fraud perpetrated by any Wall Street executive.

Traditionally, yogurt is the product of introducing a bacterial culture into milk. Yoplait Trix, however, is more criminal than traditional. How else to explain the absence of any fruit in the six flavors I encountered (Watermelon Burst, Strawberry Punch, Strawberry Banana Bash, Raspberry Rainbow, Wildberry Blue and Triple Cherry)? And the marketing claims that there are “2 FRUITY COLORS IN EVERY CUP!” and that “Twice the color means twice the fun!”?

One package is comprised of six 4-ounce cu
ps. Three cups are one flavor, and the other three cups are a second flavor. I examined the ingredients of the six flavors and was surprised to learn that the contents were constant for all six, with only two small exceptions. The Triple Cherry did not contain artificial flavor and the artificial colorants varied slightly for three of the six. Huh?
Yes, the ingredient lists for the Strawberry Punch, Raspberry Rainbow and Wildberry Blue are exactly the same: Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Low Fat Milk, Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Kosher Gelatin, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate Added to Maintain Freshness, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Red #40, Blue #1, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3.

(Tomorrow: Opening a container of Watermelon Burst)


Anonymous said...

get a life. general mills kicks butt.

Chef Maika said...

wow, this was a great post. you should see the essay i'm writing on tihs topic, deception of healthy foods. It's crazy with the great research i find, especially with the battle between the federal government and food industry marketers... amazing... i'm lovin' this blog.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. Just what is your point? Yogurt is a healthy food, fat free, regular or whatever form. It depends on your personal needs which you choose. Colored yogurt and bunnies on the container are just visuals for children to entice them to eat yogurt.
So now tell me........what is bad about this product? By the way, if you look at every single label in the market you would never eat anything. you have a degree in nutrition? Or, do you just have a h--d on for General Mills.
Have a great day...........

The Great One said...

Whoever left the last post probably does not go to the gym very often. Enjoy the yogurt.

Anonymous said...

By the way, You are the idiot "Anonymous" whoever posted that last comment is obviously ignorant and uneducated about the subject on this page. All the processed food these days is whats killing America and everyone who is eating the food. Did you notice all the artificial colors, flavors, and added "ingredients" that are present in the example above example? How can you tell me that it is what we are supposed to eat and that it doesn't hurt you? That just shows you how brainwashed 99% of Americans are to believe that anything we buy in the store is 100% OK to eat and has nutritional value. I bet you that the entire yogurt contents are mostly just High Fructose Corn Syrup and Artificial colors and ingredients. You tell me how that is just like other yogurt and how children should even eat any of the crap. You go ahead and eat all the processed food you want, but don't ask for help when your dying at a young age from a plethora of diseases, diabetes, cancer, or any other assorted variance of mis health. You should start thinking about what you put into your body because most of anything these days is filled with man made chemicals and ingredients that your body treats as toxins and are of no nutritional value to you, and actually hurt your immune system and bodily functions in the long run. Just a thought. And by the way, I do have a degree in Organic Nutrition, so I think I would know what I am talking about. Have a great day.

Elaine said...

I just wanted to add that my son is in a program for children with behavioral issues. I found out that for "breakfast" there yesterday he ate cocoa puffs with chocolate milk and a side of trix yogurt. For some reason I am expected to think this is Okay, that they are even doing me a favor by feeding him 'breakfast' at school but I am furious and I'm sure I will find my complaints fall on deaf ears.

Sarah said...

I found this site when I googled "Trix yogurt & hyperactivity", because my son ate one yesterday (his first and LAST!), and went into a mad tailspin. When we checked the ingredients all we saw was sugar & chemicals. My husband felt terrible because he bought it thinking it would be a healthy snack - what could be wrong with yogurt? How are they allowed to even call this yogurt? Please keep up the good work and inform parents here - I will send friends to this site!

Jesse said...

This blog is very old. The current ingredients are: Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Low Fat Milk, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch. Contains Less Than 1% Of: Kosher Gelatin, Citric Acid, Vegetable Juice, Fruit Juice and Beta Carotene (for color), Potassium Sorbate Added to Maintain Freshness, Natural Flavor, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3.

Sugar is listed as sugar. Also has probiotics, three times as much potassium as sodium. It is a nice little size for kids like me who don't particularly like yogurt, with only 90 calories. I don't see much of anything that is dangerous except maligning General Mills.