Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscar Mayer Lunchables Mini Burgers Revealed

(Second of two parts)
I opened a box of Oscar Mayer Lunchables Mini Burgers. The contents were sort of like food, but different.

The “cheese” and “burgers” didn’t feel like food. Their consistency was spongy and similar to Play-Doh. The bun was as dry as cardboard. Or was it stale? Was it ever fresh?

And as I mentioned in yesterday's post, the lunches can be eaten straight from the box, since they are “fun to eat . . . no need to heat!”

Bottom line: Oscar Mayer Lunchables Mini Burgers seemed more like a toy than a meal.


Courtney said...

this is GREAT.

Anya said...

This is hilarious, especially the "kind of like what an astronaut would eat." Wow, who really feeds their kids this junk?!
Good job on this one.