Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Cook Razor Clams (Easily)

Since I had only eaten razor clams once before, I immediately bought a pound (for $4.50) when I saw them for sale at the Union Square farmers’ market yesterday.

I had never cooked them before, but I figured they’d cook similarly to mussels or clams. Luckily, I was correct.

I melted a lot of butter in a pan and sautéed some minced garlic. I then added some white wine, the clams and chopped parsley. The clams opened pretty quickly (in about
five minutes), the telltale sign that they are cooked. I removed them and let the liquid cook (and thicken) some more.

While the sauce was finishing, I took the clams from their shells and chopped them. I put the clams in a bowl and
then poured the sauce (butter, white wine, garlic, parsley) over the clams. I added some unrefined sea salt and fresh lemon juice, which made the dish taste even better.

I put some Asian salad greens from my garden in the bowl and enjoyed a great dinner. Thinking about it, I should have bought two pounds.

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