Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Mother's Opinion of "Ice Cream" Trucks

A friend e-mailed me the following in response to yesterday's post.
"I couldn't agree with you more regarding the 'ice cream' trucks. They shouldn't actually be allowed to call them that. They should call them 'cancer trucks' or 'crap on wheels.'

"What makes me just as crazy as what they serve is where they are allowed to serve it. There was an 'ice cream'
truck and 'frozen Italian ices' cart parked in front of my son's school every day from spring through summer. Both served to torture the children and to infuriate some parents.

"The pathetic truth amounted to the fact that they were goldmines. Both sold garbage to kids whose parents were either too uneducated to know better or too lazy to care about their health and the future of their children. Very sad indeed."


Joel Semanko said...

Chef Rob, I'm involved in the mobile vending industry and really enjoy reading your posts about food and health. There is so much truth in them regarding ice cream.

I was at the International Ice Cream Vendors Association's Annual Conference a couple years ago and heard the President of one of the large Ice Cream Manufactures talk about the obesity crisis and portioning of Ice Cream. I was surprised to hear him say that the "healthy ice cream" project failed because the research showed that people buy ice cream on impulse and discard health in the decision process.

I know in some of the cities we plan to operate our business, there are strict rules about selling close to schools and the are specific restrictions on the products that can be sold in a school district.

I personally don't think its right or fair to have a vendor set up close to the schools, it shows bad judgement on the business owners part and could be considered preditory. I'd encourage parent groups to initiate rules in their districts about the selling of ice cream close to their schools.

I apprecaite you bringing this issue and concern to the publics attention!

Chef Rob said...


Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing that information. I wasn't aware of the restrictions you mention.