Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What to Eat for a Snack - My Favorites

Sometimes I get a little hungry during the day and need a little snack.

My favorites (all of which take less than seven seconds to prepare):
  • A mini peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • A chunk of cheese
  • A piece of fresh fruit
  • A piece of dark chocolate
  • A handful of nuts and/or dried fruit
Obviously I’m pretty strict about what I eat, so there are qualifications. The peanut butter is always just peanuts, the jelly has limited added sugar, the cheese is usually from raw milk, the fruit is seasonal, the dark chocolate is 85% cocoa content and the nuts and dried fruit are organic.

I know some people think I’m a little (little?) cuckoo, but I truly feel that eating well is worth the extra (minimal) effort. Preparing and snacking on the above foods takes the same effort as munching on similar foodstuffs of dubious origin.

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