Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Make Spinach Pie

From June through October, my garden produces a constant (and sometimes daunting) supply of dark leafy greens. This season I am growing purple kale, mustard greens and Swiss chard, plus I also use the greens of my turnips and beets.

Usually, I’ll just sauté a handful of greens in olive or coconut oil for the quickest and easiest side dish imaginable. I add unrefined sea salt, fresh ground pepper and lemon juice for added flavor and nutrition.

The other day I was in the mood for something different, so I made a greens pie (think spinach pie). Here is how I did it, using phyllo dough for the crust and a rectangular oven-proof baking dish (9X13X2).

I sautéed one chopped onion in olive oil. In a larger pan, I sautéed about 1½ pounds of assorted greens that I had washed and torn into smaller pieces. I let the onions and greens cool. After squeezing excess liquid from the greens, I combined the greens, onion, crumbled feta cheese (just more than half a pound), two whisked eggs and some salt, pepper, ground nutmeg and lemon juice.

I melted half a stick of butter and unrolled the phyllo dough, trying to keep it covered with a moist towel to prevent it from drying out.

With a pastry brush, I buttered the bottom of the baking dish. I laid ten sheets of phyllo in the bottom of the baking dish, buttering each phyllo sheet before placing the next one on top. I placed the greens mixture on these layers of phyllo. I folded the ends of the phyllo dough that had draped over the sides of the baking dish onto the greens mixture. I used another four sheets of phyllo (folded in half this time, because not as much surface area had to be covered) to make the top crust of the pie.

I baked the pie in a 375° oven until the top browned, about 35 minutes. After letting the dish cool for a bit, I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner. Leftovers for lunch the next day were just as good.

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Orsi said...

Thank you! Please keep the greens recipes coming. We are trying to eat more kale, mustard greens, etc, but other than sauteeing them, are at a loss for what to do. :)