Thursday, July 30, 2009

Late Blight Fungus Strikes Tomatoes in the Northeast

Unfortunately, there’s bad news for tomato lovers in the Northeast. Tomato plants on both farms and home gardens in the region are suffering from late blight, a fungus that has recently jumped to potatoes as well.

Late blight spreads quickly in wet weather, which we’ve had plenty of this spring and summer.
Organic tomatoes are especially at risk, since organic farmers can’t use most of the chemical sprays available to conventional farmers.

Tomatoes provide farmers a financial bonanza, as a large beefsteak or heirloom can sell for several dollars. This summer, though, may prove unusually challenging for organic farmers and other farmers who eschew chemical sprays.

Expect to pay more for local tomatoes this season.

Click here to read the article about late blight fungus that appeared in yesterday’s New York Times.

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Orsi said...

So sad. I wish there was a way to transport our Arizona sunshine and heat to these farmers. We'd be happy to get rid of some heat here!